Glocal Urban Art Project (GUAP): is a Italy-wide national project being organised by Glocal Cities in partnership with Fondazione Cusani and several city governments to reinvigorate the urban art space. The project aims to encourage young artists to submit works of stationary art (photos, installations, sculptures and paintings) on various urban themes, virtually with a short video on their motivation and significance. The mission is to bring focus to the young urban art seen virtually in 2021, with a physical component which will follow once the pandemic permits. Currently under development GUAP aims to get young Italian artists to create again. If the project is successful we would like to expand it to cities in the Mediterranean. We are currently seeking partners and sponsors.

Glocal Youth Africa News Network (GYANN)

GYANN (Knowledge in Sanskrit) aims to be a not for profit, youth fueled, peer reviewed news and content network bringing about original news, political views, art, culture, society and other such coverage from main african capitals into a mainstream portal. Africa as a continent is not sufficiently represented in global media and while there exist African centric websites and wires, there is no pan-African platform which (a) trains youth in journalism and mentors them (b) provides them with a high powered multimedia platform to deliver content (c) ensures translation of such content in major languages and their availability to users who are looking for new insights into African countries and markets.

GYANN looks at developing a new breed of savvy African journalist who provides interesting content to a global market, underlining nuances that traditional media now miss. Only in an informed society can freedom actually develop and only in a free society can the future generations prosper.


  • Kenya: Clean water project for urban orphanages and surroinding slums in Nairobi to mitigate effects of the pandemic in partnership with UN HABITAT Nairobi and the Embassy of the State of Israel, Republic of Kenya.


  • Somalia: Signature of a MoU with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Federal Government of Somalia for the development of a youth led agriculture project. The project engaged youth already in universities and aimed to train them to provide support to farmers and urban school feeding programs.
  • NE Syria: Assistance to internally displaced communities in Afrin as well as reconstruction projects assistance to local communities destroyed by war.


  • Iraq: Resource mobilisation and project development with local NGO’s and the city of Ramadi to assist with the reconstruction of a girls school and a water pipeline to Ramadi’s suburbs.