Glocal Cities is registered as a not-for-profit organization in Italy. 

Vas Shenoy, Founder and President

Vas has over 22 years of leadership and entrepreneurial experience across a wide range of disciplines including pharmaceuticals, technology, renewable energy, strategic consulting, not-for-profit and development in over 30 countries.

Vas has worked closely and continues to advise various governments Europe, Middle East and Africa. He is currently engaged with diverse companies in renewable energy, crypto currency and technology and acts as a mentor to young startups in diverse geographies. He is the President of Glocal Cities, an urban incubator which works with cities and mayors to develop city centric alliances as well as supports local communities in conflict/post conflict realities. He is the founder of Sākshi, a not for profit which works in promoting stronger relationships between India, Italy and the European Union. He is also the founder of, the first Italian language portal which provides content on the Indian sub-continent.

Vas has studied for a degree in Philosophy and History at the University of Mumbai and is an alumnus of the United World College of the Adriatic, Duino, Italy. He is currently pursuing a degree in Sanskrit and Indian Studies at the Università degli studi di Napoli “l’Orientale” in Naples, Italy.

Board of Directors

Salvatore Ippolito, Italian national, UN veteran, ex-UNHCR

S. Ananthakrishnan, Norwegian national, UN veteran, ex-UNHABITAT and UNEP

Mita Shenoy, Indian national, entrepreneur

Silvia Budal, Brazilian national, entrepreneur and consultant