What is Glocal Cities?

Glocal Cities is an urban incubator, the first of its kind. Our focus is to create a city centric alliance around the mayor and the city council, which consists of the academia, public and private institutions, civil society and international institutions. We believe that by connecting mayors and developing decentralised cooperation we create people to people links and begin the process urban re-qualification and regrowth. Not just physical urban re-qualification but social urban regeneration which is needed for youth empowerment, transparent and accountable governance, sustainable business growth and the prosperity of small and medium enterprises, environmentally friendly governance, social housing, urban security, urban transport, waste disposal, recycling and an endless list of urban issues and challenges.

We also believe that “urban” and “cities” are now at the forefront of a connected world. Globalization’s negatives aspects have now overweighed its benefits, especially after the pandemic, people are now more aware of thinking globally, but acting locally. Technology has disrupted traditional businesses with the rise of global micro-entrepreneurs which have created prosperity. The prosperity and disruption have proved the success of the city centric model however have brought with it new challenges. There is the need for a new sustainable Globalization.

The current model of Globalization is no longer relevant, Glocalization is now the future-its ours to ensure it is sustainable and successful.